Mi Body Composition Scale


Got my unit today. Very lightweight. Did not come with cells. You need four AAA batteries to make it work.

Not a fan of the design. Display is completely hidden. And the symmetric design means that you have no idea where the display is. There is a Mi logo in the center but it is very small and very hard to see. I ended up using a pencil to mark the display for convenience.

The device itself is not exactly smart. I mean it does have Bluetooth. But no onboard memory. So to have the reading recorded on the app, you have to run the app first before standing on the machine. App shows the same reading as the device and in the end it would record the reading. There are multiple user profiles… I do not see how they expect us to use them. My mom and dad do not have access to my phone and they are not really going to run the app before checking their weight! I have not tried this feature so not sure how it is supposed to work. Do I need to manually select the profile at the time of weighing or the app automatically decides who is standing on the scale based on the weight of the person.

The device of course is not just for measuring weight. There are tons of other readings. Of course, the app was nice enough to tell me that I am obese. And only 10% of the people of my age and height (using the device?) are heavier than me. And other facts based on my BMI and other values. No surprises there.

Good product for Rs. 1999. Much better buy than comparable weighing machines in this price range.

Forgot to mention. There is no syncing support with Google Fit which is what I use to keep track of my steps.
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