MGMNT SSID on Airtel routers like Beetel TC2


Yes. There is no monthly rental for the router.

I also have the username and password. But what is Vpi/Vci?


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Just an fyi, Username password here means that of your broadband account, not the login for the beetel


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One cannot use data by connecting to the ssid MGMNT. However, if someone knows the router user/pwd, then they can connect the same, find out the main ssid password and use your connection.
You cannot disable MGMNT but you can still change the password of it. I am using the beetel 450TC3 and it works.
To change the password follow the steps:

>Login to your modem by typing in your browser. Ask to the Airtel customer care for the username & password.
>Click on Setup.
>Click on WLAN
>Click on Security
>Click on VAP0.
>Choose the encryption type and write in the pre-shered key(password for MGMNT). I use "WPA2(TKIP/AES)" as the encryption type.
>Click on apply changes and voila....

Now try to connect to MGMNT using password 0987654321. It wont work anymore.

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