Maruti cuts Maruti 800 prices by 16000 rupees


Oct 29, 2004
After launching the massively popular in media Suzuki Swift, Maruti has ignited the budget car segment in India by slashing the prices of the most successful car in the market Maruti 800. This move would remove any doubts on whether the company was looking forward to discontinue this particular model as they are promoting Maruti Alto as the successor of the Maruti 800.

Maruti Alto has overtaken the Maruti 800 on the sales chart since quite sometime. However, this latest move brings the prices of the base model of Maruti 800 below the mark of Rs. 2 lakh, which would bring a cheer in the budget conscious consumer market. We would not be surprised to see if Maruti 800 again tops the sales figure chart this month.

The company’s catchy 2 ka 4 scheme was based on migrating two-wheeler owners to becoming car owners. And with competition in the form of Tata aiming to become a major player in this segment in the coming years with their much awaited 1 lakh automobile project, it is very unlikely that Maruti would discontinue the Maruti 800 model.



Apr 1, 2005
thats a ko0l news.....i never myself owned a car......but there r some idiots in my building who believes a person who owns a maruti 800 never goes above in life.......thats why they remain stick to it for 4-8 years

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