Many Filehosts Blocked by Alliance

I hope all you guys are familiar with filehosts .
Filehosts are sites that hosts the files , that are uploaded by users .
Sites like -- link removed -- , mediafire are some examples .
Anyway Today i tried to access a filehost called Bitshare and found its been blocked by Alliance.
Even two days ago it was working. and not just one but many filehosts are being blocked in a row , like -- link removed -- , Freakshare , (this was blocked last year or so) , FileOm etc. are all blocked.

I tried to open Bitshare via proxy ... it opened ... but the option of premium or free download that normally shows when you visit a file link (like ... so i didn't get any such option of premium or free download and therefore couldn't download any file.

Im from South Kolkata near surya sen metro . Anyone else experienced this ?? Any solution like how to access and download from these file hosting sites. thanks
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If that's the case , then is there any other way to access these sites ?? Proxies didn't work properly as i have mentioned above.
Without these sites what's the use of taking an internet connection .
The old fellows that makes up the government , what do they expect us to do ?? Read news & check mails with internet ... lol
And for downloads, one can't always use torrents coz there are many downloads that aren't available on torrents , but are instead uploaded to filehosting sites .

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Go to Create an account. Mail them to get a 3 day free trial. Use it following their guides and find it out yourself.


Well if you are indeed going to get a VPN , better get something that boosts your privacy too. In addition to letting you bypass stupid blocks. :)