making wireless connection, help needed.


hi dear friends. i have Huawei UMG1831 3G USB Modem and wishing to recharge it with 3g card pc is core 2 duo with 2 gb RAM and 320 GB hdd. it dosen't have wireless card installed.i have nokia n79 which supports wi-fi what i want to do is to share my internet connection with my phone and pc. please tell me the cheapest way to do so.i want to use internet on phone while downloading files on pc, so is there any way my pc share internet connection wireless with my mobile.or the best methord like my pc also wireless and usb modem too and then my pc and phone both connect to usb modem internet connection wireless.please tell me easiest and cheapest way to do so.thank you.


Computer Addict
Your USB data card can receive signal wirelessly but cannot transmit WiFi signals. You can try the following1. Buy a router which supports 3G data card. 2. Get a USB WiFi dongle and use some application that can create a WiFi hotspot.3. Get PCI WiFi card and use an application which can create WiFi hotspot.They options are cheaper as they come down the order. I think you will need Windows 7 to use a software which can make your PC a WiFi hotspot.

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