Mail Server Problem With Airtel Broadbanc Connection.


Jul 15, 2006

I have an Airtel Broadband connection. I have set up a server within my company with a static IP provided by Airtel. On this server, I am running a mail server as well as a web server. The static IP of the machine is Now, I am facing the following severe problem:

I am able to recieve mails on any of the email ids that are created on the server. However,I am not able to send any mails through. For eg. I can recieve a mail from to abc@ However, I am not able to send mails from abc@ to Could this be because the ISP ie Airtel has blocked the sending/relay of mails. I have enabled the relay of mails on my server. Somebody please help. I am in urgent need of a solution to this problem.




Jun 2, 2006
Hello,Please open this site from your server "" and enter "25" in port field. If it shows message after sumittting the formYour ISP is not blocking PORT 25 means everything seems okay.Now let's come to mailserver configuration,Go to SMTP properties and select Allow non-local email relay in case you are using "Windows SMTP Provided by Microsoft IIS 5x or 6x"Note : Create mail domain in your mailserver eg: becuase few mailserver provider use reverse lookup for domain and in case domain name is not valid then will reject your email.If you are using another email server system then reply this thread with your mailserver name so I can assist you better.Thanks


Jan 13, 2009
Dear Sir, I am using Airtel Data Card as my ISP. I am able to browse Internet and able to download VSNL mails but I cannot send the VSNL mails through outlook. can i know what is the SMTP address of Airtel.


Aug 20, 2006
You cannot send e mail messages in
Outlook or Outlook Express or in
any other email program using your Airtel
connection with abcd @
or abcd @ bsnl .in Port 25 and 110

Para two:

(a) For Airtel ID & with Google ID.
for both sending and receiving mail in OE.
port 465 and 995 ( Incoming)

(b)Try this program.
eprompter from

sent messages are not saved.

(c)included for reference ;
remember reading somewhere
to try/use Port 26.
Google search : port 26
HOW TO: Allow SMTP through port 26 - Hosting Tutorials

(d) Id with abcd @ may work.

more later ( checking web server usage)