MAC binding how to use a router


Tata Indicom
Dear Friends, My ISP uses MAC binding, which requires me to use a router if I want to access the net using two different computers simultaneously. I have 2 pcs one with Windows XP Home and another with Ubuntu 10.10 and a DSL connection with a username and password. I need to dial everytime I need to access the net. Now I have this router with me Netgear WGR614v6. Can I use this router to connect to the net? Whenever I plug this router into the wall socket (mains nothing to do with the pc in this situation) all the lights are on and they stay the same way. Which is weird I think. As far as I understand as soon as one plugs this into a wall socket, all the lights should be on but only for a second or so and then only the power light should stay on, right? I have been told by a friend that my router is ok, but the adapter is not working. I can't figure out what the problem is. Another thing is which OS or pc I should use to configure this router? Should I use the Win XP Home pc or the one with Ubuntu 10.10 on it? Or am I required to configure it on both pcs? Once I dial to get connected to the ISP and get the connection working, then I do not need to dial again using another pc, is this the right way? The second pc will automatically get connected to the net once the connection is successfully dialled by the first pc. Right? I need your help here, please do help. Thanks.