Looks like I just did something stupid


Jun 17, 2011
One should remain cautious about these kind of things. Recently Some one from Vodafone called me on my Vodafone number to verify my date of birth. My reply to him was " How the hell I know that you are calling from Vodafone and why should I give my date of birth to you ? "In reply he told me that " Thankyou for your doubt and concern. I will tell you your address to verify the same. "Then I asked him for my last payment date and amount too. He answered it correctly. Then I told him to ask whatever he wish to know. He asked for my date of Birth. I told him and he thanked and cut the phone.Regarding Documents handover, it looks something fishy.


Aug 17, 2011
nxt time before handing over any xerox copies always sign across the area where ur name is. that way no one can misuse it coz sign will be a mismatch on the xerox and application form.
if u sign on the blank area they can tear it off.
I think its also better to mention the purpose for which photocopy is given along with sign. (Read it somewhere)

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