looking for online project listing contest/money

Hey Everybody ! I am looking for a website which can give me project listings that i can work on for an employer or just for contests or fun. I am preferrably looking for project listings in C/C++ or verilog HDL. Any links would be apprecaited.Also if anyone uses DC++ here ? I am connecting through Sifi but recently haven't been able to connect to any hubs I need to know some good hubs that I can connect to and also download from them. My share is usually around 1GB. Any links to these hubs would also be appreciated.gemini_shooter


The Goan
TopCoder is a site that will interest you.

I'm so busy with work that though I registered, I never really got the chance to try it out.

A Google Code Jam is happening sponsored by the Bangalore office and they are recruiting at the end of it - Top prize - 3,00,000.

They have component / application development in process all the time, quite an interesting business model. Check the site for further details.

Have fun.

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