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I would like a list of possible ISP's near Vanaz (Pune). I am only interested in wired unlimited connections with static IP.
Here's my broadband story so far:
TataDocomo / TataIndicom > I had Indicom for around 5 years. And one day my net just stops working because somebody cut my cable and the building which had the main router 'didn't give indicom the permission to setup the router again'. TO top it all off indicom decides to absolutely ignore a 5 year old customer and not help me at all. Still, considering the stable service I had for 5 years and the fact that Tata decided to shutdown indicom and merge all their broadband services under docomo, I decided it was time to upgrade the speed and plan from 2mbps unlimited to atleast 8mbps. I did some research and found a good plan on docomo's site (16mbps @ 2k pm fup 120gb or something). After booking a call 4 times and waiting for 1 month (again ignoring an old customer) I get a call from the sales rep asking to meet me. He comes around to my house only to tell me copper wires cannot give speeds of more than 3mbps and that residential users are not given speeds above 3mbps and the 16 mbps plan I enquired about did not exist. He was obviously lying and I do not know the reason for that. Well, the next thing I do is write a mail to the customer relation president or somebody explaining how a 5 year old customer had been treated. I get a call from a guy the next day (Sunday) claiming to be the said president. He again asks me what the exact problem was and assures me that he will personally look into this matter. After 2 weeks Another sales rep calls me asking for what plan I want. I tell him that and he tells me that he will check the feasibility and get back to me in a couple of days. I get a call from the same guy after 2 weeks to tell me that there's no feasibility for my building and a new connection will not be possible. This is how Tata communications treats their old customers and and most probably don't want new ones, so unless docomo actually does something I will stay away from it and ask everybody I know to stay away from it.
Reliance > Wired does not exist and not interested in wireless.
Tikona > Absolutely rubbish. They call ex customers for bills of connections that don't exist and threaten them with 'POLICE CASE'.
YouTelecom > Bad reviews.
Hathway > unreliable and VERY LOW FUP.
Airtel > Had booked a call with them and a got a call back the next day. Took them 2 weeks to check the feasibility, which is not possible for my building. Now I get a call once every 2-3 weeks telling me that the feasibility is not possible and they will let me know when it is. Here's some tip for them, instead of calling me and wasting each others time it would be better if they ACTUALLY did something about the feasibility. I know it is possible cause several buildings in 100m radius have airtel connections.
After all this I decided to switch back to BSNL for several reasons, quick installation as I used to use BSNL first and BSNL is very stable in my area. I looked up some plans and decided to get the 2mbps unlimited plan. After 2 days of installation I realize that my dl speed was 1.6 instead of 2, so I call them up and ask why it was so. They tell me that is how much dl speed upto 2mbps connections get even on static IP. I ask him not to lie to me cause I have friends who get constant 2mbps speeds, and he in turn says they are lying to me.

Well this is what I have been through in the last 3-4 months and have to stick with BSNL as there is no other ISP in my area. I have no clue what to do next and it would be great if somebody suggests a good private ISP or helps me put some sense into the big idiotic companies or they themselves realize how pathetic they have been by reading this(highly unlikely).
Anyways, anybody who wants to help is welcome.

A very frustrated consumer


Till then You Can Use Reliance CDMA Sim and can use with unlocked cdma dongle for 94 Rs 1.5 GB and get speed upto 2 to 2.5 Mbps ..totally dependent upon BTS
Take Docomo CDMA sim and get 4 gb at 256 Rs speed upto 2 to 2.2 Mbps totally depend upon BTS..
Take BSNL CDMA sim and get upto 1 to 2 Mbps Unlimited (yep unlimited) and this also dependent totally upon BTS
I am using BSNL 1445 plan which gives me promising 2Mbps full speed till 20 GB and full 1 Mbps speed after that...I am also having Wireless Private ISP which is giving me 1 Mbps at 550 rs including taxes..
You can search in pune if you are having Local Wireless ISP
They are always cheap and speeds are also great...They took bandwidth from Larger ISP like Airtel and Provide internet Very Cheap..One More Advantage is that Many people is not aware of it, so You can get Full Speed
Private Local Wireless ISP Speed Test

Private Local Wireless ISP Actually Downloading with IDM

Now BSNL Speed Test After FUP

BSNL Actually Downloading With IDM

Hope It Helps

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