LG U8110 problems


hello friends & techies

my cousin got a LG U8110 from UK .
it is fully unlocked to work in India .
it was working fine for about a week .

1. now he is able to hear others voice on the phone .
his voice is not reaching them .
he was advised to take the SIM card out , and give it a clean ,
and see if this helps. It did help him for a while ,
but only for a short time .

2. he tried to upload the mobile images to a pc ( win 2000 server
based OS on a single pc ) . he is getting " SHARING VIOLATION "
error . The phone was in idle condition & the drivers are loaded .

could you help please ...


Hi. I'm also using LG U8110 from Australia. Most of the U8110 sets had this problem. This is is manufacturing defect The mic gasket is made loose, so the mic slips away from its place and it looses its contact with the board. Go to a mobile reair shop and tell him to glue the mic. so that it does'nt slip away from its contacts on board. May I know where u r living?


^ Thank you Sunny for your kind response . we are from Hyderabad .
The mobile was shown to technicians at 3 mobile repair shops . they
are asking Rupees 600 + to fix it . They told that the Mic needs a
replacement . My cousin is not yet decided what to do .

can we fix it ourselves ? any idea please .

The mobile is working fine sometimes & refusing sometimes !

----------------------------- edit ----------------------
OFF TOPIC : I will be away from the forums for about 4-5 weeks .

2nd edit ---> I am back . The mobile's mic has been fixed . And now
it is working fine . sharing violation problem still exists when
we try to transfer the Images to PC . Any solution please .... Thanks

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