Lets get together and Tweet to BSNL for increasing FUP ...


Guys u all know that recently BSNL changed the Broadband 249 Plan to 299 rs and applied 1.5gb /day FUP which seems injustice to us..:mad:
whats the point of choosing 1.5gb /day in 300rs +GST , we can opt for 99 plan or 199 plan also .. :confused:
This daily limit of 1.5gb per day is just useless ....
also Happy browsing is over now :(

so i request you all guys who use BSNL or not kindly tweet the same thing and ask them to remove FUP and threaten them to disconnect Broadband... :devilish:
here is twitter page just tweet them - BSNL twitter page
So all guys plz support each other ,and do tweet them , they will surely increase the limit or remove FUP . (y)
Thank you @invisible007 for making this post. I request to everyone in this forum to tweet them that we will submit the connection if the fup is not removed it is very injustice to pay that much amount for an wired connection.... please everyone help...


i have already sent them a message to increase the FUP limt. got the usual reply. lets see what happens. even promotional 299 plan gives 10 gb/day that to for 20 mbps. we have 8 mbps and many dont even get that speed.


So, what happens, if I disconnect my current 249/299 plan and get another new connection for 299? Who can stop it? Can BSNL deny a new connection?
Everybody please use an specific # on Twitter to protest against this and please post in the forum what # you are going to use so that everyone can join this movement
If you don't use # then no one will take interest on this because BSNL gives very few replies and if this becomes popular then many more will join the movement...what should be the unique # please share