Our First Certificate Is Now Live

Our cross signature is not yet in place, however this certificate is fully functional for clients with the ISRG root in their trust store. When we are cross signed, approximately a month from now, our certificates will work just about anywhere while our root propagates. We submitted initial applications to the root programs for Mozilla, Google, Microsoft, and Apple today.
Hello World, Let's Encrypt

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Star gazer
Mozilla and Chrome are listed as its major sponsors but neither Firefox or Chrome has it in their "certificate authority" list. (directly)

But as per their FAQ.. they have some kind of "intermediate" certificate which shud work in most cases. (I could not understand the technical language)

Navjot Singh

The Punisher
According to their FAQ they are using Identrust to cross-sign their certificates so that they are validated by major browsers. This is probably a temporary solution while they are working on propagating their own root. I guess they need time to work with major browsers into accepting their own root certificates.

More details on why the need for a cross signing authority are here.