Leaving BSNL FTTH for good.

mayank yadav

So as mentioned earlier about the poor quality of service. I have left BSNL(₹1091+GST 100Mbps/270GB) for Airtel FTTH. Airtel is giving me 100Mbps/500GB+1000GB bonus data for ₹1103+GST but for this I had to pay 6 months rental in advance (₹7812,I hope I have not made a mistake 😅 ). With Airtel I get an ONT with all ports working and not just one. Gigabit ports. WiFi in ONT. Facility for data rollover(although I suspect it might be of any use to me :p).

Took this decision because of the recent problems I faced in BSNL service(speed issue, some sites being blocked including this forum which I am sure they won't be able to unblock anytime soon). They don't work on Sundays so if anything goes wrong then deal with it. In my case luckily the JTO's have a good technical knowledge. But for various issues they have to forward the complain to Bangalore which might be their main backend and this takes time. One has to do a lot of back and forth between the JTO's to get there issue resolved which takes up a lot of time and energy.

Now can anyone guide me on how to go about the cancellation of my BSNL connection and how to get my security deposit back.
for cancellation you have to submit the cancellation forum which is available from bsnl office while on security case security amount will be deducted from last bill amount and rest will be paid. this process may take 1-2 week.


there is chance they will call you regarding bill pending few years down the line. You have to appear in Lok Adalat for such and such reason cause you have not paid your bill.


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I don't have any answers to your question. But trust me, you should not have even think of BSNL FTTH if Airtel FTTH (Not V-Fiber) is available in your area.

I pity the guy who actually injected the thought of BSNL FTTH over the Airtel FTTH in your mind. Very Wrongful Decision.

When Airtel came in Delhi, everyone sooner or later shifted to MTNL (wherever they are launched). I see no one using MTNL except for two three reasons: feasibility, no internet usage at household or small shopkeepers/industrial areas (who doesn't want to increase expenses since they rely on 4G for Internet). Government ISP? Big No.

Try Airtel FTTH for one month and then consider giving them for 6 months advance. That is the standard procedure we recommend everyone no matter how good the ISP is or how good your friend vouch for them because at the end of the day it's your money.
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mayank yadav

BSNL had made a deal with our RWA. According to the deal BSNL had to fire the whole society of 1300 flats with fiber and install their ONT modem and enable intercom facility for the all the flats. They also had to install CCTV in the whole society on their fiber. For the resident's a compulsory charge of ₹180/mo was included in the maintenance as rental charges for ONT/intercom. But any resident who opted for BSNL's FTTH plans did not have to pay for any monthly rental charges. They only had to pay for their own subscribed plan(ONT rental was waived of ). BSNL also made an office in our society so if there was any problem their technician would come on the same day or even within an hour. But as fate would have it there was some dispute between our RWA and BSNL after 2-3 months since the installation was completed. The deal was called of, any rental charge of ₹180 collected by the society was returned to the residents and BSNL's office was closed and the JTO's had to move back to there main HQ in sector 12,Gurgaon.

I was one of the first subscriber for their FTTH connection i even tested their connection for 7-8 days.

So after all this airtel came after 5-6 months they did their fiber wiring and installed their boxes in all the towers. They then used to route the fiber via PVC pipes from that box to individual homes which BSNL had installed for their own fiber cables.

I never felt the need to get airtel since BSNL's happy browsing offer was awesome and i rarely faced any issues. Only issues were of fiber cuts which used to get resolved within 2 hours without me having to call them. And because of the HB offer none of the airtel's plans were appealing to me.

But since past two weeks there came so many problems including the discontinuation of HB. Thus i finally decided to switch to airtel. Paid 6 months in advance because i have tested this connection at some of my friend's place and was confident also i did not want to pay for installation and the 15% discount was attractive.

Also i forgot to mention , i have not discontinued BSNL yet . i have put it on a 7 months custody. if something changes then i might change my connecton again or discontinue BSNL entirely.

in custody a bill of ₹50 is generated every month your plan is not billed. Mentioned it for anyone curious about the custody charges.
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