Le Max2: Flipkart & Leeco caught posting fake 5 star verified buyer reviews


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Leeco Le Max2

At least one reviewer has caught the fraud and mentioned about all the 5 star fake reviews in his own review.

All the reviews are cut copy past job of same permutation and combination of different sentences. I found 15 reviews of same name. There might be more.
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I am confused whether to trust these online reviews anymore or not. I (and many others I guess) generally check online reviews of many products. But I hardly notice any positive reviews for any products, be it bike or mobile or any electronic accessory. It makes me wonder that are really those products bad, or are their people hired to write bad review.


well you do get a general idea if the reviews are not posted with an agenda. read a bunch of reviews and they are usually enough to get a general idea about the product's good and bad features. reviews like these however mess up everything for everyone.

things are not as bad in india as they are in the usa. companies like Anker and aukey actually give away free products in return for 'honest reviews' on Amazon and other online stores. and because of the laws in usa, the reviewers have to mention that they got the product for free or at an discount in exchange for the said review. at least we have not reached that stage here in india because most of these 'honest reviews' are positive in nature as they do not go into specifics but have a five star rating and a general comment on how the product worked well and blah blah.


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Counted. There are exaclty 25 fake reviews with same title "Mobile is like a superman…..It has premium built quality."

Called up Flipkart and explained the issue to them. According to them, these reviews are considered legit because they are all certified buyer reviews. The CC executive further mentioned that A Review is a review.

Le Max 2 was my last purchase from Flipkart. (BTW it's a bakwaas phone with nill custom ROM support) I would rather let my hard earned money go out of India directly into Jeff Bezos's pockets than give it to Bansals.
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