Launch Mi TV in India

Its been a year and half since the launch of Mi TV 2S in China but its still on hold to launch in India
The specification of tv is given here (Xiaomi Mi TV 2S 48-Inch 4K Television With 9.9mm Frame Launched | NDTV
Please support and share if you think its worth to launch in India.
Share your thoughts.
Sign the petition here Mr. Chuan Wang: Launch Xiaomi Mi TV 2S in India
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No I am not kidding . A guy started a petition for the launch of Xiaomi note 3 and people supported him word got to VP of company and they are working on the launch in Q1 2016
The word hasn't reached or anything..I know that guy you are talking about,we both work as Moderators there..let's hope something positive happens out of it..
The main thing is the Ericsson patent issue,which would take time to get solved.