Jio FTTH Carrier Grade NAT and IPv6

I have the Jio FTTH service and I have to say its really good. Fast speeds and zero downtime in the last 6 months I am using it now.

The only problem is that there is no access to the device/home network from outside.

They seem to be using CGNAT, and further their router is locked down (so unable to even check for things like port forwarding etc).

I would have assumed that they would atleast be providing a working IPv6 solution (like they do on the Jio MIFI) but it fails all the online IPV6 tests.

Because of this I cannot access by CCTV feed outside my home :(

Does anybody have a solution?

They did not have any NAT on ipv6 LTE earlier this year, this is no longer the case. We have NAT on ipv6 now.
Must have been the wannacry scare, perhaps.

You could consider trying one of those NAT hole punching clients like ngrok.
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