Jio fiber having problems multiple issues

Jio fiber
Hi, lately, my jio fiber broadband acting strangely, from past three days, the red light is blinking all the time but we can browse internet but the speed is slow. Even when I checked in the speed shows the same speed which I bought the monthly pack. It's been happening from last three days. When raised a complain, these service guys came and said to reset the router, but I said as if there is some problem with router, the internet will not work plus the red light constantly blinking means may be there has been cut off wire or some issues regarding fiber or maybe something else. But I refused to reset the router and I checked the wires which seems intact. Anybody has any idea what causing this? Also jio fiber uses what kind of wifi encryption does jio fiber uses? WPA? WEP? WPA2? What's the default and how to check what am using.
D-VoiS (GoodBye)
Just checking if local wires are intact is not enough, since your light data travels as single fiber for you and you alone.
If you still believe the issue is with wifi, try directly connecting via the ethernet cable.
If you want access the router it's ip is, WiFi encryption varies but it should be using WPA2 AES, which you can verify using 'Net Analyzer' in your mobile device.
Other then that, try doing a reset, it's just your config you can set it all again, and judging how you have no idea about your own wifi, most of your router settings must be default.
If the issue still persists, entertain the support staff, in the end of the day they are required to make sure you go through the basic troubleshoot procedure before they can properly raise a ticket for an engineer visit.