Jerky Mouse Movement On Disconnect


Jan 14, 2007
I am connected to broadband with a Motorola Surfboard modem (USB connection) and have a Logitech PS/2 optical mouse. There's a peculiar problem that I face sometimes when the connectivity is not so good. My mouse stops moving smoothly and get really jerky. If I'm completely disconnected or simply power the modem off the problem gets even more intense. The keyboard and CPU seem to be functioning normally during these occasions. If I start an app it loads as fast as before so I don't think it's a problem of the CPU cycles getting eaten up. I've also verified that my mouse, network card and display adapters use their own unique interrupt IRQs. I've faced the same problem even with an unbranded optical PS/2 mouse. I've even tried closing all apps and every possible service that I could, incase any of these was the reason but the problem stays.Is this a common problem with broadband modems? Any solutions?Slightly OT: Is it OK to have my blog link in my sig?


The Coolest One!!!
Jan 30, 2005
try a USB mouse...i think there's some problem with your PS2 port...if the problem is still there, then i don't know :unsure: