Is this really a broadband connection?

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Airtel / BSNL
I am now in a dilemma from a month whether the connection I have is a Broadband or not. Here are the reasons why I think like that :

*My latencies/pings to various servers around the world is HORRIBLE (this is timed, from sharp 10AM to 12AM -midnight. sometimes it lasts the whole day)
*Even though my speeds are OK, browsing is TERRIBLE because of the pings I get.
*My connection drops FREQUENTLY (it drops, in an hour, in 10 mins or sometimes back-to-back. I've tried g.dmt & adsl2+ modulation, no solution yet)

=>Before you guys think my line has any problems, I've already contacted BSNL customer care, They came and switched the whole wires in my premises to new ones.
=>My SNR values are all normal. My line has NO NOISE whatsoever.
=>I used 3 different modem/routers to make sure there aren't any faults from my side (Sterlite modem, UTSTARCOM Type-2 and Cisco Linksys WAG120N)
=>I use PPPoE to connect so that all computers under the router can get Connected easily.

Here is my PING TEST Report/Directly from my Command Prompt.
And, here are some PingTest.NET reports (I don't have JAVA installed, so please ignore the error in this report)

Latencies are really important in my connectivity as my work is much related to it and these kind of high latencies are a big headache to me.
If any BSNL NIB Officer (maybe?) sees this post, my Support Docket Number is : TND/CO/2010/2028 - (It could have been closed as my exchange people have switched my line with new wires and speed is OK, but it is not what I wanted and I am tired of explaining them what pings are and how important they are for me..)

If anyone can shed any lights with this problem, I will be very thankful to you:bowtoyou:
If you guys can share me any emails to BSNL NIB officers, I can atleast contact them to rectify the problem as this seems to be out of hands from my exchange...:ashamed:


anything above 1k ms is seriously wrong. Although pings have been high for the last few days (100ms-200ms) above normal; it's not like the pings you have attached.However right now west coast US servers are giving 530-560 ms - routing is incredibly effed up - if you do a tracert it's using a totally retarded route of local->chennai->singapore->Palo Alto->LA-> At&T servers.Additionally peering with AT&T is atrocious.Not sure what's going on.