Is this a fraud against dth provider?

My society is planning to get a single dth provider for the whole building.i.e there will be a common antenna from wich the connections will be distributed.
this is what a common antenna looks like:-
since every dth provider providers 4 ip addresses on single connection they plan to share their ips with other members and divide the package amount amongst themselves. in short they plan to get 12 primary connections so 12 connections will give 48 ips and the whole building will be covered.
is this legal or is it fraud in the eyes of dth service provider? considering the provider will have to bear heavy losses ? what if the provider finds out about this fraud will he charge penalty and carry criminal proceedings ?
please help as soon as possible
all the efforts appreciated.
thank you in advance.
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IP address for DTH? Hearing this for the first time. Afaik, every connection needs a separate STB.
yes sir every connection has 4 ipaddress for 4 tvs which should be used for 1 person only.afaik u cannot share it with others.
there will be 1 primary ip the rest 3 will also have the same ip but they will have their own stbs for reception and the package amount will be divided by 4 persons.

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What you are planning to do is not legal. I think you already know this.
What if someone had a problem and needed to call a technician?
Anyway, no idea what the provider would do if you get caught. They will probably cancel the connections and/or fine the users.
I hope your building tenants understand the risks of such a task.


IP Adresss is new for me....You need STB & you need remote... Are you sure you are talking about DTH & not Broadband


Unless u have a way to copy DTH card (that goes into STB). I dont think you can share connection.
I am also not sure. You need a DTH Card to activate a connection. Without that you can at best watch the same content on multiple TVs. To control TVs, you need an independent card. Unless of course they are able to somehow replicate cards :confused: I am going to guess that this is being done with Videocon which might have a special plan for societies. No one would be stupid enough to get into such a fraud on a society level.
i think we are getting confused with the IP. he is probably talking of additional connection. e.g the FULL HD package is around INR700 but i can have upto 3 addtional connection. in such cases it costs us around Rs. 250 each for second , third and fourth connection. so i can have 4 connections with all HD channels for 700+3*250 = 1450. this is cost effective as if I go for individual connections then i would be paying around Rs. 1400 for 2 connections with all the HD Content.

In such sitaution the recharge amount is kept in one account only and shared between 4 connections.If any one of the subscriber adds a movie etc the main balance is deducted so i would not recommend the setup unless there is an understanding between various households...
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Yeah, the service providers actively monitor MDU connections for such misuse. They themselves do all the installation and wiring and allotment of new connections to individual households. They are simply not going to let the installation and activation happen in such a scenario.


Not just Internet.
I think dth provider directly provide one dish multiple stb setup for societies on exclusive basis. Obviously this is cheaper than regular dth packages.


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Have a single dish. But each connection is an individual one with no special rate. What OP is suggesting is certainly illegal, and no provider will allow that!

Except for the IP bit.

Still no clarification about IP Address bit from OP :)
I am also wondering what this IP thing is, unless he wants to say ID instead of IP. Yet he says there are 4 IP Address for STB :wondering:

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