Is MTNL blocking VPNs on MTNL Triband


Jul 16, 2005
Have shifted to MTNL since Hathway was not allowing VPN setups on their Silver plan.Have Triband connections at both the remote location and the head office with Dlink 502T ADSL Routers. Have forwarded the VPN ports to the inernal ip of the VPN server.The internal IP's at the remote location are 192.168.2.xThe internal IP's at the office location are 192.168.1.xWindows Firewall on the VPN server is set to allow IPSec and PPTP connections.Am using no-ip to map the Dynamic IP to a domain.After checking all the settings I can only assume that MTNL has blocked UDP500 and is there any way we can get them to rectify this?


Sep 1, 2005
i have tried a lot about vnc.. tho a baby ver of vnc... i read in a manual the router doesnt allow us to acces our external ip from inside therby from the server i ie my home pc i ws not able to check whether my vnc is setup properly.. i left d option still hcv to try frm sm whr outside .. instead i setup remote desktop.. thou a bit in secure... biker if uget ne info regardin the blockin of udp ports pm me or mail at ...