Is it worth it to buy Android box considering Jio will launch Giga Fiber tv soon?


Thanks @Tarang Taneja, looks like I gave up too soon. I just now edited the password to mine and live TV works on my FireTV stick. I had to force terminate the app and launch it again once or twice before it started working. Some channels take a bit longer to load though.

But otherwise works pretty alright.
@varkey I have that problem too, and also star network channels don't work. In the mobile app they redirect you to the hotstar app, but it gets stuck in fire tv .

If you don't want the hassle to type your password again and again, as it does not have the option to remember then you can use the video in my previous post to make it default.
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Yep, I updated the password in the APK, login works great now.

However the channel loading time is a bit irritating. But quality is pretty great, I mean the HD channels etc.

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@varkey I guess your Jio Tv issue is resolved. I am also using a modded apk or edited with apk editor for version number etc.... but did it long time ago....

I am using(sideloaded) regular mobile Airtel TV app on my android box. The issue with this is that you will get only sound without picture. To resolve this you have to go to display setting of your android box. and select "original" orientation instead of "force land".