Is Inbound access possible with Spectranet

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Hi Friends,
I am shortly going to avail Spectranet Internet connection at home. I am currently in Pune and their plans and speed looks good to me. What I am interested to do is also be able to initiate inbound access to my desktop logged on to spectranet e.g. access Remote desktop over internet.

However I am worried that Spectranet might be using PAT (Port Address Translation) and such networking techniques to map one WAN IP to multiple clients. If so as far as what I understand, I won’t be able to do any inbound connections.
Does anyone know if Spectranet’s assigned WAN IP client (say desktop) is accessible from the internet for inbound connections?

In simple terms does anyone know if Spectranet assigns a Public IP or a Private IP (Behind NAT) to users when they log on to ISP?
Thanks in advance.
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