Is BSNL's WLL wireless unlimited internet @Rs.250

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Tata Indicom Whiz. I wanna chnage to BSNL WLL unlimited [email protected]
Is BSNL's WLL wireless unlimited internet @Rs.250 per month better than Tata Indicom Whiz wireless internet?I m currently using Tata Indicom Whiz wireless internet. I dont find it good in terms of speed and cost-effective.Besidez the service, I find the rates very expensive than compared to BSNL wirless internet (WLL),which is at Rs.250 + rs 180 for phone rent = Rs.430 per month.I m currently in theTata Indicom Whiz Rs.325 plan which gives me 30 hours of free internet after which I ll be charged 50p/minute during day time and 25p/minute from 0200-0800 hrs. I dont think Tata Indicom works for me.I came to know about BSNL's WLL wireless unlimited internet @Rs.250.I want answers to the following questions - 1.Is the internet speed better than Tata Indicom Whiz?2.What is the download speed? The download speed for Tata Indicom Whiz ranges from 10Kb to 16kb.On using Download Accelerator,it ranges from 18kb-25kb,but it isnt that fast. Of course,I do understand that it is not broadband.3.Since its unlimited internet at Rs.430 per month [Rs.250 + Rs.180(phone rent)],is there extra charge for downloading content from the web like audio or video files or watching YouTube Videos?4.I have read on many forums that BSNL's WLL wireless unlimited internet @Rs.250 per month is cheap and best. Is it the best in terms of wireless internet?Hope you will answer my questions.Thanks.Is BSNL WLL Unlimited [email protected]@broadband speed?