Is Airtel Broadband forcing migration from ADSL to V-Fiber?


So got a call yesterday here in jalandhar regrading 'technological upgrade' they need to make.
Been using old beetel modem wired to my desktop and now they will give me high speed net + wifi modem.

Told them I didn't put an upgrade request and they said its an auto-request and they are upgrading everyone.
I asked if my rental will increase and are you going to charge me for the modem? They said modem is free and no change in rental.

I assumed they are misleading about about the rental, since I always get calls regarding speed upgrades which are of course paid.
Anyways this was about modem.. so I told em lemme check the internet.

Today got a call again. I told him I don't have wifi card in my desktop.. do I need to upgrade it?
He said no it can be connected via wire too.

So my queries are-

1. Are they really upgrading everyone from ADSL?
2. Do they charge you or not? (modem + more rental)
3. What modem do they give you? I may just disable the wifi part to prevent anyone from using my net.

Thanks :)

PS: my plan is lowest they offered.
Plan 599 (200 discount) -- 2 mbps till 40gb + 20gb retention + calls included.


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No (Not Forcefully)
No (Yes, Only if they ask you to upgrade the plan but if you stay on same plan, they cannot charge you more rental or modem charges)

I would say one thing in short: VDSL (V-Fiber) is a big fail.

If you're not comfirtable with it, threaten them for the disconnection.
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I am also not upgrading from adsl to vfiber on my connection.
i am only keeping the connection for landline. and i sometime check cctv feed over the internet using the static ip that i pay extra for.
would dump the connection if they force vfiber on my connection if there are any change to the plan i have.

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I believe the rental remains the same though sales could try and persuade you to upgrade. I am not sure about other cirlces, here in my place they offer 40 Mbps and 1000GB bonus data even in the lowest rental plan like 599 pm.
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right. would consider if they offer the router for free and keep my current plan. my core usage remains landline and i see no point in paying more for something that i would not be using in the first place.

airtel's internet is already so painful to use with so many p2p websites blocked. i am probably dumping my abs broadband connection as well as they blocked a few domains i visit frequently. do not like remaining on vpn all day long.
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hmm checked couple of threads here and users said problems started after migration from ADSL.
Speed after FUP is said to be 1mbps.. right? Since I'm on the lowest plan it might be 512 only for me.
Either ways no point of high speed if there are frequent disconnections as stated by members.
Will turn CC people down. Thanks for the response guys.


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i am also on same boat, getting 2mbps speed and on website they launched new plans with 8mbps.

every time when i call them, customer care's reply your area's maximum feasible speed is 2mbps, & when they came with fiber in my area i will get a call from them & they will change to VDSL.

but my question can't they upgrade speed on ADSL ?

one of my friend 0.5km from my home getting 4mbps speed on ADSL.

But their response your DP's feasible speed is maximum 2mbps. i doubt they are making excuses As i am old user.

Even i don't want V-Fiber (scared by reading bad reports everywhere) but want want speed upgrade on ADSL, thodi to bada do Airtel aajkal to Smartphones pe bhi 10 / 20 mbps speed milti hai.
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