IS 4k DTH real?



I am unable to find Pixel composition of 4k dth. We have yet to see 1080P channels and dth providers are claiming uhd\4k channels via satellites? I say BULL****. IS this a marketing gimmick and can someone tell me the Pixel composition in 4k dth?

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Why do feel 4K is not real, or even True HD is not real?
Both True HD and 4K exists, but broadcast medium restriction cannot allow us to have real HD or UHD transmission. For HD we get 1080i/720p broadcast. 4K needs even more bandwidth for broadcast, so I guess it will take more time till there are more satellite transponders to handle such high requirement of bandwidth.

No channel has 24 hours content in 4K. Not in India, but I think in US/Europe as well there are no 24x7 4K channels.
In India, there are occasional broadcasts in 4K, like Star did with Cricket World Cup final broadcast in 4K, or they broadcast Bhajarangi Bhaijaan in 4K.