IRCTC account suspended. What the heck?


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I have two IRCTC accounts with two different numbers since they limit only 10 transactions per account.

My dad and I regularly have to make trips to his homwtown to see my grandma as well as to look after our property there.

Today I logged in and both my accounts are suspended. What might be the reason?


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Not really, there's a certain time threshold. If you book a ticket in time less than that, your account will be banned. Usually, you'll be presented with a captcha once you return after payment from gateway. That is how you know your account will be banned in coming 2-3 days.


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Well, I did get that capcha thing couple of time before I typed in VISA/MASTERCARD password at "Verified by Visa" page. I type my password fast because Im pretty used to it. That might be the reason?

fuck this site! It actively tries to stop customers from booking tickets! Only 10 transactions per month, high refund charges, no ewallet for tatkal booking, no transparency no reason for blocking accounts! Passengers bhaad mein jaayen lekin we'll be happy with our cushy jobs


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Captcha before VBV/Secure Code page is normal. Captcha just before booking confirmation page is what leads to ban.

Agents actively try to game the system to their advantage, can't entirely blame IRCTC for pursuing policies that discouraging to users.


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My account was banned long back too for booking ticket fast. And customer care person was so rude (I was polite) and he even threatened me criminal action. He didnt even bother to check that I am booking ticket for my own self and not selling tickets with other names.

The problem is that if I dont book fast (i.e. within 5mins) then someone else (Read: agent) will book ticket before I do and I will get wait list.

And if I book fast then IRCTC will ban me!

Overall honest people suffer.


It is so easy to BLOCK agents but they do not want to do that.

Simply allow ONLY "six predefined passengers" as passenger names which can be changed only once a month.

You can book unlimited tickets for "six predefined passengers"

Put limit of maximum 3 tickets per month if ur ticket has one or more "non-predefined-passengers"

So maximum tickets that an agent can book is 3 or 4 per month per account.

But users like us can book as many tickets as we want for our family.
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I did try the chrome addon only ONCE, that too the ticket was not booked because of the captcha, but my account got blocked.

Tried to argue this with their email & twitter handle but these guys do not even listen. I asked them to atleast release the phone number, but no they do not want to understand. I also asked them why do they not publish on their website as what things would lead to a ban, but no answer.


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you should thank them for not banning on bank ac, card basis lol

A lot of users who use special software rarely get banned by looking at their transactions one could easily spot the 'fraud'

Those software can finish the whole booking process in less than 1 min