Ip spoofing attacks & P2P sharing

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Info needed about ip spoofing attacks .I figured it out that the P2P sharing problems i was having since last 2 weeks after i shifted to PPPoE protocall ,to allow port forwarding is actually due to this ip spoofing .Here goes the dealI have tried all most all the available firewalls(Panda IS,zone alarm pro,kerio,outpost) and all seems to be having this problem with airtel connection while P2P sharing.After a fresh firewall install and providing the necessary permissions to the p2p clients all works well for a few hrs but later all firewalls detect ip spoofing attacks all then stops all p2p sharing or slows them down,outpost goes a bit ahead and stops my net alltogther ,there after whatever rule you specify does not work.Well there is an option in outpost to disable ip spoofing attack detection but then speeds drop significantly.Client and firewall combination not affected -emule with outpost-no ip spoofing attacks.Right now only windows xp sp2 firewall allows p2p sharing but then i feel unsafe.I am planning to call airtel CC to find if they have an answer .

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