Internet not working and unable to login through my excitel portal.

Aakash Malhotra

Aug 13, 2013
new delhi
Can somebody please confirm whether this same problem is happening right now or not? I supposed to recharge today but I forgot and now net is down and my excitel portal is also not working so I dont know whether my net stopped working due to non payment or is it actually down for everyone else as well.

Rehan Kumar

Mar 28, 2017
Now that I think about it, It was quite a while back, they probably had grace period back then.
My plan never expired after that so I don't know if my excitel works without recharge or not after grace period was stopped.


Oct 29, 2004
i call the guy who manages the installations and repairs himself. great guy. does not mind me calling him directly. and even calls back when the problem is resolved. calling the office basically adds one more step because they redirect my number to this guy who would then call me.

if it is during the night, i file complaint on my.excitel so that i do not have to set an alarm for 10am to call the guy.

philip marlowe

Nov 21, 2016
I understand, but by calling the local guy directly, you are not raising any ticket and therefore Excitel has no way to know you have trouble. When Excitel knows you have trouble few things can happen

- you can get compensated for downtime (based on resolution SLA)
- Excitel can give you information if the issue is Global (whole Area, whole City, whole Network affected) and if the team concerned is already aware and you will get ETR for fixing it, this will save you time from calling the local guy
- Excitel will also pressurise the local partner to fix the issue within SLA if the issue is personal and within last mile
- once you have full history with Excitel of all your troubles and you reach certain threshold this might trigger some more compensations for you

I think it makes sense to do both
- raise complaint to excitel through app/portal - this will take no more than 1 min and you will get some quick understanding if the issue is known/global
- if you still feel there is a need, call the local guy

This way you can benefit from both having information, having history, having Excitel to back you up and speed up resolution through local team.

Does it make sense?
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