International roaming

I am thinking of getting SIM for international roaming.
If I do not take the 849rs pack for USA, its like 70rs/minute.
However I need it just for getting SMS, won't pick up any calls.

Only caveat, it says if you get a missed call, its chargeable. Is it true? If not, I can not pickup any calls, and only get free incoming SMS(for OTP etc.,)

Any advice?


take Airtel prepaid phone. international roaming is free and if i am not wrong no charges for Incoming SMS. if you do not pick up the phone then even missed calls are free. Atleast this was the situation in 2014 not sure if they changed it now. once you land up in US take a T-mobile or ATT connection. in T-mobile back then they had a $10 topup which used to give around 1000 minutes to india (including mobile).

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