Induction cooktop fan stopped spinning. How much will it cost?


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Didnt know where to post this so posting it here.

my pigeon rapido induction cooker fan caught in a piece of string and stopped spinning. Any idea how much it'll cost to replace it? Withoutthe fan, the induction cooker is stopping after 5 mins of use saying internal temp is too hot.

Its currently rs1300 on Amazon so I might just buy a new one if cost of replacing exceeds 400 bucks. Electronic waste is real


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If there's a debris caught between the fan blades I guess the fan would be alright. If you are a DIY guy, you can easily fix it by opening the bottom part. If not, a local home appliance repair guy should be able to fix it in around ₹100 or ₹200 bucks.\

And don't use the induction cooker if the fan is not working.


Usually the fan is a chinese sealed unit.
A new one costs about 200-300. Easily available.
Where are you?


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I removed the string with a screw driver. Its not spinning. Based in hyd
btw I called the toll free number of pigeon customer care and bastards connect the call and dont answer the phone.