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Was the Covid-19 vaccine completely free for you?

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i mean people exaggerate plus i am sure it is a widespread problem and only a handful of cases would make news and even fewer would ever be confirmed by the state. it's a way of life in india to get scammed by the government and private entities. no one knows how many people would have gotten fake or expired doses of covid vaccine in india. there is no will to track that. all the focus is on creating new records for the pr events next day.


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I went for my second dose at Apollo yesterday. This time the vaccinator was showing opening new syringe, filling it with vaccine, and finally disposing the syringe. Last time it was too fast before I knew it was done.

This time I paid more attention to the process but not as much as I should, it gets a little awkward lol sitting too close to vaccinator staring. One should be able to trust the hospital and staff because at the end of the day if they want they can scam you in some way.

Appollo now gives you a free small juice packet like frooti after vaccination. Proper payment receipt at official rate, cash or card.

Free vaccine is now on walk in basis so if you can go in morning for token then later wait in queue it's possible. Appointments do not matter much. So you may have to try for 1-2days to understand local center timing and rule.

Either go for govt center or big Pvt hospitals, small unknown ones are very shady.

One thing I don't understand how some people can order stuff online, use all social media apps, wallet payment apps but cannot register on cowin or search proper information. Even some school going teenager struggle to do this is just weird.