Indian government aims to keep track of every mobile user's location


As per amendments made to operators’ licences, beginning May 31, operators would have to provide the Department of Telecommunications real-time details of users’ locations in latitudes and longitudes.

Documents obtained by The Indian Express show that details shall initially be provided for mobile numbers specified by the government. Within three years, service providers will have to provide information on locations of all users.

The information will have some margin of error at first. But by 2013, at least 60 per cent of the calls in urban areas would have to be accurately tracked when made 100 metres away from the nearest cell tower. By 2014, the government will seek to increase the proportion to 75 per cent in cities and 50 per cent in suburban and rural areas.

Soon, govt will keep track of where every mobile phone user is


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this is insane! and creepy. But i guess it'll be useful to find rapists,terrorists and other anti social elements. .but its a double edged sword.


Unlike in western countries India does not have right against unreasonable search and seizure.Recently the US supreme court said that to track suspects via gps\mobile you need a warrant.Here in india the govt does not asks for warrant from the judiciary.Someone should file a PIL asking that right against unreasonable search and seizure should be made a fundamental right.

Supreme Court rules police need warrant for GPS tracking | Reuters



Have your mobile location tracked and also pay for it - The Times of India
NEW DELHI: Cellphone users must get ready to have their location and movements tracked by service operators for national security purposes and also pay for it. This is the clear directive of the Union home ministry and DoT, which have told mobile service providers to bear the entire cost of honouring a May 2011 mandate that requires them to introduce location based services (LBS), which can pinpoint a mobile's location to as little as 50 metres. This burden may, however, be passed on to mobile subscribers.

get raped and pay for the rape should be the title.


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Mobile phone location of suspects is one of the biggest leads in the Indian crime investigation scene. We do not have the luxury of CCTV cameras at every nook and corner, nor forensic capabilities to support a 1billion population susceptible to crime. It is impractical to have an investigation procedure similar to USA in India. The US Police is not under the same workforce burden as the Indian cops, nor are the US court facing a backlog of cases as big as the Indian judiciary. Thus, while in USA you may be able to obtain a warrant for location tracking in an hours time, in India, the court may have backlog of more serious crime cases (murders, rapes etc), and may want to give precedence to that over applying wisdom to the Police's request. We have to give some leeway to our cops and trust their judgement. This whole location tracking thing may be misused in some cases, but I see only positive out of this in the broader picture. I, personally, have no problems with this. And a 2 paisa increase in tariffs is not going to dent a hole in my pocket.


Govt will pin point the location of people using data from telcos. However, they will not be able to find out who leaked Radia tapes, where does Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi disappear every few months, ............