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is speed post tracking working for anyone on india post website?


i am confused though. there is no issue on firefox on windows. firefox does not use windows' list. chrome use windows' list. so even if microsoft had approved of this certification authority, firefox on windows should still be showing the same error that chrome is showing on android.
They are using a certificate issued by a well trusted certifying authority, however the problem is that its not installed correctly. The certificates issued to websites are not actually signed by the root certificate present in the browser/OS certificate stores, but by an intermediate certificate which in turn is signed by the root certificate in the trust stores.

A properly configured website would include the intermediate certificate also, which would allow the browser to validate the certificate chain and establish trust, thereby avoiding the warning. Unfortunately the intermediate certificate is missing for this site.

However the certificate is just one of the many problems, Qualys SSLLabs gives the site an F rating due to insecure configuration -- SSL Server Test: (Powered by Qualys SSL Labs)

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i do hope that they launch a proper online store. i regularly order ganga jal from their website and the whole UI of the website is painful. unusable on a mobile device. though thankfully, all deliveries have been made without any issues.


the section where you order gangajal is the same fucked up mess.

it's a miracle that it has not failed for me yet :D have ordered multiple times.