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Broadband India

Dear Friends, I see lots of blogs on Broadband India and India Telecom Market.

Before we can talk about the private players in the market, I would like to first define the golden word "Customer service".
Sadly most of the private players in the field think it is "Cusomer RACKING". I wonder what is the instrument of the private operators to give us such a bad service?

I can think of only the following reasons for giving such a service

1. They want to make quick money?- (don't they know that such games will not last long before the game comes to an end? All private companies hire top MBA grads from the best institutes and I think any marketing book, business book, quality policies would explain and stress upon "CUSTOMER IS THE KING and KEY TO SUCCESS", if they satisfy 5 customers they would in turn get another 35 people who would be potential buyers!!)

2. CUSTOMERS IN INDIA HAVE VERY LESS SAY - For example, I had a problem with TATA indicom billing, I spoke to every possible rut in the planet that were concerned with TATA but I could get to answer! They understand it is a problem but they don't want to work on it... instead they invited my to disconnect and I was so furious that I had to wait in a long que to file a complaint because there were so many people who wanted to do the same ( I had to wait close to 2 hours every time I wanted to speak to them) END RESULT - WHAT CAN I DO MAXIMUM but to throw the rubish phone on them though I may have to forgo 6000 bucks.
I came out of the customer center with little to say or do.
Were as in the US, the customers have lots to say and do. They can get a refund immediately they can even sue the company because because they have a good consumer court! The scare keeps them at the top

I can talk about the pathetic customer service of SIFY, TATA INDICOM, AIRTEL, BSNL and so on. I think most of us have experienced the same things but this is just falling into the dead ears of private players!!

If TDSAT, TRAI or any governing bodies want INDIA to be a super power, TELE DENSITY to increase... It is not going to be companies spending hefty amount to market but it should be companies trying to retain customers.
COMPANIES need to remember only when they retain customers with joy will they see more and more people signing-up for the same.Customer's experience will be a key and will reduce advertis€m€nt budget.

Let me again stress that ones a customer has a bad experience you can be rest @$$ured that the customer is never going to sign-up again in is lifetime.

What do I mean teeth? us easy and customer friendly ways to file in consumer courts
2. Customer should not be asked to come 100 times to the court. Instead they should be given the power to fight through a consortium which could be a discussion board like this.
3. FINISH THE CASE FAST (max 15days). If you don't have the people to do this, charge all customers a cess of 0.5% for this cause. I am sure everyone will be ready to part this money!
4. finally the defaulting company needs to pay a very hefty fine ( I know what you are thinking!! The private operator will [email protected]$$ the fine on us...Mr. FM will have a way to track this...suggestion cut the final profit amount in the balance sheet and see to that the next years profit is less than the current year. This will bring tremors that would only make INDIA a place to live with better service).

This is the only way that I think off will bring down unhappy customers.

Marketing/sales exec
Naveen R
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hi naveen,
just yesterday, news came of bandwidth prices being slashed. (e.g. - "upto 70% cuts") the biggest margins have of course been getting pocketed by those who run the three international landing sites, but our isps can hardly escape blame (for not pushing for these tariff cuts sooner.)

not that anyone in these forums expects 512k/[email protected] anytime soon, but since you are (or have been) an 'insider' of sorts, could you give us the lowdown on the pricing/profit structures that operate at isps?


Hi naveen.


Indian users of the Internet have long been fed with crappy deals by the Internet Service Providers. Most are happy to have just the basic connectivity considering the huge size of this country means, there are still a large area, where people do not have food to eat and roof to stay under.

However, this does not mean they do not deserve to get genuine broadband! Some of us started a fight with this Blog and the Forum. Some joined in with real lawsuits. You want to be a part of it? Start by signing this online petition started by Venkatesh Sridhar.

More: Online Petition asking for ‘Real Broadband’ in India
Sign it: PetitionOnline

If advertised well, this petition can prove to be a very effective step towards broadband services reforms in India.

So TRAI supposedly has paved the way for broadband subsribers to get cheaper rates... Anyone have any idea how it will actually effect consumers?

According to some articles, such as the following, it seems that the cut in rates will be translated to the end users......

I don't think TRAI's decision is going to have any effect on the Broadband companys' rates in India. They'll just earn extra profit for themselves.

Although, I've heard Airtel is increasing it's plans. And, we all know how MTNL and BSNL are introducing plans with throwaway rates

Hathway (a british telco with services in india also) has plans that are midway in prices but they are said to have HORRIBLE techsupport.

The Broadband scenrio is also not that Bad. Although, the bandwidth and rates are 1000 times are more expensive then the European and Western Countries, there are few good players in the market too like Airtel and Reliance. If you wan't I can post my luxurious experience with Airtel here.