increasing number of Authentication failures


Aug 24, 2005
Saadi Dilli
off late I mean for almost a month the authentication failures have increased manifold.... infact to an extent that now I feel the heat... and look to et the bb from some other player... and the issue is very strange as either none of the two accounts which I have with different exchange works or one works and not the other.... would that mean different servers??? no as it wud be a mammoth task to more ppl around who have noticed the depletion of services??P.S. Me in delhi and running on bridge mode!!!BTW heard the Delhi MTNL is running short of modems... and new connections or replacements are taking times..... just yesterday talked directly to GM BB and told him the whole story of waiting for a replacement for more than a week and to my surprise.. two hours later i have this guy standing with a replacement.....Well such gestures don't go unappreciated!! kudos GM jiPs2 - ne ideas as to when is the triple play services are getting launched ... was it not supposed to be online last nov?


Dec 4, 2005
Well this is pretty much a problem for 75% users. And if you are unluck enough to have the authentication problem in the evenings then u got to wait for the next workind day at MTNL.Also the CC person told me that they forward the complaint to the server room in batches... strange, in fact i got a call from CC that b4 forwarding taking the compaint to server room he just wanted to confirm that is the BB still down.(6 hrs later after my complaint.I know someone in CMD office to whom i forward my complaints, els it takes 12hrs plus to have it sorted.there servers are continously having trouble and if u r in NU pckg u loose a lot on connectivity issue.


May 24, 2005
major authorization problems here. Sometimes it connects in a single attempt; other times upto 4-5 retries or does not work at all for hours.Sometimes I'm forced to call CC to get my password reset...just waiting for Airtel...

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