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Oct 29, 2004
Petition In SC To Make Hindi Compulsory In Class I-VII [Read Petition] | Live Law

According to the petitioner the public servants and members of the higher judiciary, who has completed their education in regional languages only and not able to read, write and speak the Hindi, become very uncomfortable when transferred in the other State having another regional language. Difficulties faced by them while communicating with common man knowing other regional language can be well appreciated. This problem can be easily resolved by making study of Hindi compulsory for all the students of I-VIII standard in spirit of the Article 21A read with Article 343, 344, 348, 351 and Preamble of the constitution of India.

“Study of Hindi should be compulsory for all the students of I-VIII standard, so that all the Indian citizens can easily communicate with each other. It will promote fraternity, unity and national integration, the great golden goals as set out in Preamble of the Constitution”.
He also submitted that because of weakness on the part of our leadership, they couldn’t ensure making Hindi the national language of India. They could not do it perhaps because of the regional political compulsions. Despite being spoken and understood by the large section of India’s population, Hindi has not been able to get the well-deserved status of “National Language of India”.


Dec 9, 2010
I don't get the motive behind imposition of Hindi over people who don't want to speak Hindi. Speak Hebrew if you want to, let others speak whatever language they want. Why bother?

Keep away from people's diet, language, clothes and do the job you're supposed to.
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