Important Links : MTNL Triband Broadband


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Jan 30, 2005
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The topics are arranged according to the dates, newest being at the top.

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Utstarcom Bridge Mode Configuration And Automatic Router Reboot, by cyberwiz

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Online Complaint Booking for MTNL Mumbai, by krish_88

MTNL Mumbai Triband Online Booking, by krish_88

Port Forwarding, by theinsen1

Important Phone Nos. for MTNL Mumbai, by krish_88

TriB Online Booking, by cyberwiz

Phone numbers of important people in MTNL, by nocaps

Automatic Router Reboot, by nocaps

Automatic Router Reboot, by cyberwiz plus this

Bandwidth Meter Discussion, started by trivising

FTP Server Setup by coolbuddy_79

SNR Margin & Line Attenuation by coolbuddy_79

Fusing Multiple Internet Connections by coolbuddy_79

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Torrents - 1 2 3

Firewall Discussion started by trivisingh

Port Forwarding by bad_till_bones

Changing Default Router Address by muttster`

Adding Wireless Capability by terminator

Virtual Server Setup (old firmware) by tushar

Port Forwarding Discussion started by raj000

Default MTNL Password by coolbuddy_79

i'm sure i must've missed few PM me and let me know so that i can add them here...

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Driver for UT300R2
Router USB Drivers - India Broadband Wiki
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Sep 8, 2005
Thanks coolbuddy_79, these links are really helpful. I am in the process of setting up my connection and script for rebooting the router was a great help.