idea 3g carry forward balance


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Dec 21, 2016
does idea 3g allows carry forward balance


Oct 29, 2004
i was on idea back in 2015 i think and they had that option at the time. not sure if they still have it today.

Idea Prepaid Data Recharges now have Carry Forward feature

this is from their delhi ncr page:

#On select 3G limited volume recharges with up to 1GB data benefit, customer can now carry forward the remaining data balance by recharging with another 3G limited volume recharge only up to 1GB data benefit before expiry of first recharge. In case of carry forward, customer will get the remaining validity of first recharge or validity of new recharge, whichever is higher. Carry forward facility is not available on 3G limited volume recharges with higher than 1GB data benefit, on 3G unlimited volume pack, on 2G limited/unlimited volume pack recharge and will result in losing existing data balance. This facility to carry forward data on select recharges is available in Kerala, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Haryana, UP West, Andhra Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Delhi and Karnataka.

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