ICICIDirect.com launches E-Voting facility for its members


Staff member
We are pleased to inform you that ICICIdirect.com, in collaboration with National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL), has started offering customers E-Voting on ICICIdirect.com site. ICICIdirect.com is the first in industry to offer E-Voting online.
As shareholder in a company, E-Voting empowers you to participate in key company decisions by voting for or against resolutions. You can express assent or dissent for the resolutions requiring approval by way of voting.
Voting by electronic mode means a process for recording votes using an electronic ballot. E-Voting process has been introduced in order to secure wider participation of shareholders.
To cast your vote as a shareholder, you need to log into your ICICIdirect account and visit the 'Customer Service' page. Click on E-Voting link under other services and you will able to cast your vote for companies' shares you are holding and which are open for E-Voting.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the e-Voting system of NSDL (For Shareholders)
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