ICICI Bank iMobile App


well for it to work through GPRS, they would have to program shit on their servers. with SMS they can probably use the existing mechanism. i have a feeling that this project was developed by an intern and was approved by the authorities after basic testing :confused:


I am using iMobile actively, and no, it doesn't use SMS.. Only sends one SMS to verify your mobile number one time.. After that, all transactions are through GPRS/Wifi..


:D good to have some clarification.

whats the need for: An application with this permission can determine the phone number and serial number of this phone, whether a call is active, the number that call is connected to and the like.

i guess both of these are part of the same API...


anyways. there are enough issues with this app. ICICI does not mention anything about the SMS thing in description. And then we have comments like these:

every time it charge premium rate of sms. .increase my bill by 100 buks. .

Google pls flag this app for fraud. It sends SMS without users content
Why the hell, it uses sms for any actions it does and that even to premium no. Crap!

This app is total crap. It uses ur SMS to send requests to get ur bank balance &other stuff. Sms's are sent to premium no.&chrged Rs.3. Lost Rs.180 :(

I have been using this application for a month now. It appears that the application uses texting to retrieve account details and perform transactions. The SMSes are sent to a premium number and my mobile bill shot up this month. Did any one notice this issue?

looks like the user is not alerted in any way that an sms is being sent in the background. should be a good enough reason for rejection!


@kalpik, do you use android app? becas this is not an issue in symbion app:( earlier i was using imobile in my p990i and never faced this issue :(... Also in market you can see the comments section where most of the people mentioned about the same


Bhatakti Aatma
^ Doesn't it use the SMS channel? I didn't get any other option. It just didn't have an option to use the internet connection. All it mentioned was GPRS and tried sending some SMSs. I was lucky the SIM I used has no balance left at all.