iball Baton 150M: ADSL restart problem

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I bought the iball "150M Wireless-N ADSL2+ Router", Model No.: iB-WRA150N, around November2012.I am experiencing frequent ADSL restart problem. It happens randomly, around every 10 mins. Suddenly net doesn't respond and I get the "server not found" page. Then the ADSL LED restarts and the net starts working again. I have asked the BSNL ppl to check the line/port and they said it is fine. I am using another modem (from BSNL) now and it seems to work fine without any problem.Another peculiar thing is that I checked the "SNR margin" on the page, it shows as 6dB, which is very low. But on the working BSNL modem, the SNR margin value is 13dB and more.Also before ADSL restart, the CRC errors increase to about 5000 and then the restart happens. I don't see these errors on the BSNL modem page. I don't undestand the problem. Is the modem faulty? Just adding more information, the restart problem is also there on the BSNL modem. But it restarts very less, maybe 1-2 hrs. The LINK LED (orange) goes off and then restarts. On the BSNL modem page, there are HEC errors always, downstreamn(127), upstream(15098).Please respond, thanks.