i chatted with sify customer care

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dilipkumar_pk : Chat request accepted:
dilipkumar_pk : Good morning.
dilipkumar_pk : How may I assist you?
sid : will sify provie 2mbps broadband internet plans in near future?
dilipkumar_pk : Please be online, while I transfer your chat to our Broadband team.
Chat session is transfered to 'prem_ananthu'

prem_ananthu : Chat request accepted:
prem_ananthu : Are you an existing Broadband customer or planning to apply.
sid : will sify provide 2mbps broadband plans in near future?
sid : my friend uses sify broadband he told me to ask whether sify will provide 2mbps plans or he will shift to BSNL broadband
prem_ananthu : I would like to inform that we are constantly coming out with new products, but currently we offer a max of 256kbps Bandwidth.
sid : have you heard of alliancekolkta?
sid : they offer 256kbps unlimited at rs499 per month but the same package is offered by sify at rs999 per month and the upload speed is capped at 64kbps
sid : in kolkata
sid : i would like to inform yo that every big isp in india now offers more than 256kbps be it unlimited or limited but sify at this stage still crawling at upto 256kbps speed
sid : its mbps speed age now
prem_ananthu : I will forward your feedback to the concerned team and it will be taken care.
sid : https://www.speedtest.net/result/188119310.png
sid : see my speed
sid : it is 640kbps unlimited for rs1399
sid : mine is alliancekolkata
sid : https://www.speedtest.net/result/188119310.png
sid : have you seen it?
prem_ananthu : Yes.
sid : IT IS 640kbps unlimited at rs1399
sid : while sify offers 256kbps unlimited at rs999
sid : with upload speed capped at 64kbps
sid : am i right?
prem_ananthu : Sir, I would like to inform you that we are the leading ISP in India, definetely our service will be excellent and we have wide technology.
sid : i know that sify is very big isp
prem_ananthu : Sify Broadband uses the latest technology called \'fixed wireless.Simply put,this uses a stationary 10\" X 10\" rectangular device called the subscriber-unit. Mounted on the roof of a Cable Operator\'s building, this device points to the closest Sify Base Station that sends and receives signals. As the signal is received in your Cable Operator\'s subscriber-unit, it is sent through wired cable to your home/building to reach the computer in your home.
sid : that is why i am telling this to you
sid : that beng the leading isp sify is still at 256kbps
sid : i know the technology which sify uses
prem_ananthu : We are coming out with new products in near future.
sid : new products for broadband?
prem_ananthu : Even we have started complete wireless in Bangalore.
sid : but i am talking about the speed
prem_ananthu : No cable, no wire is required.
sid : but what is the speed?
prem_ananthu : Its under testing now in Bangalore.
sid : is it more than 512kbps?
prem_ananthu : Right now we are giving in normal speed.
sid : speed and reliability is the main factor.for eg tata indicom also offers plug2surf wirelss but speed is very slow 60-150kbps
prem_ananthu : Once the testing completed we will launch all over India.
sid : public want higher speed that is why BSNL gained so much users in a short time.BSNL BROADBAND WAS LAUNCHED AFTER SIFY
sid : what is the max speed on complete wireless?the same broadband packages like sify broadband?
prem_ananthu : Even we are first ISP in India started Thin Client technology.
prem_ananthu : It is also under testing.
prem_ananthu : Soon it will be launched.
sid : the pricing?
prem_ananthu : Thin Client is totally different technology.
sid : is it for broadband?
prem_ananthu : Previously it was in U.S. And now in India we are the first to start.
sid : is it for broadband?
sid : and what abbout the speeds on it
prem_ananthu : After launching only we will know about the pricing and other features.
prem_ananthu : It requires no CPU.
prem_ananthu : No motherboard, no RAM, no HDD, etc.,
sid : ok. a seperate device for net only
prem_ananthu : Only you require a monitor, keyboard, mouse thats it.
sid : ok that sounds cool
prem_ananthu : Its going to be very cost effective.
sid : cool if its pricing and speeds are great i will take it
sid : will it be wireless?
prem_ananthu : Then please wait for that new technology. I am sure it will give you and our customers great difference and cost effective.
sid : Image:Wyse Vclass ThinClient.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
sid : ok bye thank you for your information
prem_ananthu : I would love to help you out with this; however I am not having complete knowledge about Thin Client since we are yet to launch.
sid : ok bye


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nice and funny. but i am not sure if it comes under public domain.


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based on chat, i feel that sify guy put it on standard automated text mode. which keeps on sending standard msgs. look at 'sid' asking questions and answer were not given but promotional text kept coming. LOL


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stupid AI based customer support opreators.


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one of the bheja fry chats... ;)