I am back (with questions too ;))


Nov 10, 2004
Hey allSome of you might know me...I used to be a regular here a few months back.But then my CTO changed and I started to use office internet for heavy (ab)use.Anyways, I am using Sify properly again, and noticed that there have been lots of changes in the months I have gone.So please, someone guide me through the details and workarounds for the following changes:1) ports being blocked2) validity being reduced when downloading above the limit3) Account being bound to IP address tooAlso another side problem, I had 2 working PCs at home earlier (and 5 not working :))...Now I have another PC...which means 3 PCs using internet.I used to use EasySify to bypass the MAC check. The two PCs were simply connected by peer-to-peer network. Now that I have 3 working ones, I am thinking of going in for a switch. This would enable me to activate internet on all PCs (with EasySify or whatever is popular these days), but what I am wondering is, if I have switched on the net on one PC, and I want to use the 2nd PC, will I get an error like 'user already logged in?'Thanks5L4Y3R


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Apr 10, 2005
grrrrrrr :angry: reading at yr post i feel nostalgia... dont remind us the gone days!!! it gets into our nerves.... those good times!! j/k yaar! but u will find most of ansswers in the forum itself..just search it....


Oct 6, 2005
you need not login from all PCs. AFAIK Sify gives your private IPs and blocks port. Thus p2p is not possible.

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