Huawei EchoLife GPON HG8546 ONT - Not able to login

mayank yadav

I saw this command "backup cfg" try it.

And see what this outputs "amp display userflow"
Good news. I am now able to login with telecomadmin/admintelecom !!!

Submitted following two commands as suggested by the vendor in given sequence

reset (not sure this was required)
restore manufactory

After the login I was able to setup the BSNL internet.

Thanks for the support Mayank!

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mayank yadav

It's a long shot but try logging into the web client using this.
Username: telecomadmin
Password: hs5711Bbfh

yeah.. wanted to get the ont back to the actual factory state.. had the button done it would have saved me a week atleast!

thanks again

I had posted the good news after the internet was connected :)

Everything is working fine now. Android devices, laptops all are connected now.

I am now working on connecting a hard disk to the ont as a shared wireless storage.