HP India extended warranty BTC Offer is painful and annoying


Here is how the process goes in simple words...

You buy the laptop.
Dealer cannot sell you extended warranty (under the current BTC offer).
You come back home.
You search for a registration link.
You fill out a long form that has like 30 fields to submit.
You wait for two days.
You get a mail from Redemption Support team which appears to be a third party company.
You now have to enter the redemption code you get from that mail in the redemption support website.
It now asks you to upload three documents: invoice copy, id proof, photo of the serial number from the original box.
Beware... there are size limits for these copies.

Also... beware... They only accept PDFs, JPGs and ZIPs. So if your image is in PNG, it's rejected.
After uploading, you are sent to a shitty payment gateway where you make a payment of Rs. 1499.
After payment, you get an email. And you are asked to wait for another 2-3 days to get further instructions.

I have processed this here for my niece's laptop.

By the way... This extended warranty does not have accidental damage support. I asked if I can pay extra for accidental damage coverage... No option. Nice.

Now compare that to Apple :D

You buy the MacBook.
You buy the AppleCover.
You do pay Rs. 15000 for it. But it's done right there.
And it does include accidental cover iirc.
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I called customer support and asked for extended warranty (printer). They said they will call again. Next day i received call. They asked my serial number. Emailed me package rates for 2-4 years. They asked me if i need Executive at my home to collect cheque and complete formality.

Why don't you call executive at your home to complete all these formalities?
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The above process is a special back to college offer going on these days :D I guess HP has regular care packages that are generally available for their products. I should have taken the extended warranty for my HP Printer too :(



so about hp service experience... i filed a complaint about crappy wifi connectivity on august 11. the guy finally landed today. only to discover that the antenna cable is damaged. he brought a new wifi chip with him based on my complaint. so he filed a request for new antenna part and i would now need to wait for a few more days.

the cable was probably damaged by the hp service center in panipat who were used to upgrade the RAM on the laptop. they even managed to scratch the beats logo at the bottom of the device while looking for hidden screws. never seen such incompetence. the hp guy who came today had no experience using windows 10 device. thankfully he did not blame the wireless problem on windows 10. :\


not sure. the goodies went to the niece who bought the laptop. i just filled up the forms etc for her and made the payment coz that was the complicated part. bms coupons were quite useless i think because of the restrictions. and i am not sure if the offer is still valid.