How to use cf-warp and WireGuard?

Updated guide here: [UPDATED] How to use CloudFlare WARP+ on Windows (and get IPv6)(and use your own License key) | VPN and Seedboxes


1. Download both the files, cf-warp and wireguard


2. Open cmd and cd to the path where you have downloaded the files in my case C:/Users/Temp/Downloads
3. Run the exe file with "cf-warp-win.exe" . It should output something same as in the screenshot below:

4. Don't close cmd just yet, we need the .cf-warp path to import it into wireguard
5. Install wireguard
6. Once installed, the GUI should look like this:
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7. Click on "Import tunnel(s) from file"
8. Go the path we got on the cmd in step 3 ,click on "cf-warp.conf" file. Now the .conf file is imported to wireguard
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9. Wireguard GUI should look like this:


10. Click on Activate button

11. Check your IP by searching for "My IP" on . CloudFlare rewrites your IP Address on the websites which uses CloudFlare DDoS Protection/Reverse proxy. So sites like IPChicken and will show your actual IP. Make sure to search on Google as Google doesn't use CloudFlare.

There ya go
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Note - Source

For anyone trying to get the encrypted private key in March 2020 from Android... here is how you can get it, with or without root.

a) Install warp as usual and upgrade.

b) go to the settings on the app and get your license key

c) Install VMOS from the playstore

d) Once it loads (it works as an android virtual machine), add your google account, as if it was a new phone.

e) Install warp AND add your license key via it's settings

f) Enable developer mode by going to settings and clicking in succession, several times on the build number (inside VMOS settings menu) and enable root on the developer settings menu (some versions already do this automatically)

g) Install he root explorer app or some other root explorer app and then get your keys from /data/data/com.cloudflare.onedotonedotonedotone/shared_prefs/com.cloudflare.onedotonedotonedotone_preferences.xml

h) Data you need is warp_registration_id, warp_private_key, warp_token

i) Then follow the initial tutorial to install python (mark the option to add it to path) and use msdos to navigate to the directory where you have the file

j) You will need to create a file named wgcf-identity.json in the same directory with the contents below:


"account_id": "your warp_registration_id",

"access_token": "your warp_token",

"private_key": "your warp_private_key"


k) After that, run pip install requests

l) and python

m) You should now have a wgcf-profile.conf file you can use with tunsafe


That being said... I tested it and I cannot really recommended it if your home internet is 100 Mbps and above.

There is serious improvement in some routes (ie: Malaysia to Sydney) in terms of latency but network speeds are not always better than your own internet (warp is slower from Malaysia to Singapore for example).

If you live in southeast asia, warp is still good because it can unblock certain sites (ex: bbc is blocked in vietnam) and it will help improving download speeds with partners that have direct peering with cloudflare at the expense of a slightly higher latency.

For the partners that don't peer with cloudflare, it just adds latency, at least for the ones I tested in the US. No speed improvement for most EU tests, since I can still max out my internet even without warp.

Another thing that you should be aware, is that it doesn't hide your IP fully. It will show a warp IP to websites that are outside cloudflare, but for any site that is already on cloudflare, your IP is shown as usual (this is as advertised by cloudflare).

If you are a gamer and want to play on overseas servers, it may or may not be useful if the latency is reduced. You have to traceroute before and after to know.

Warp plus is definitely faster than the free version. I got 100 Mbps in some servers, but only around 15 to 30 Mbps on most. With the free version, I only managed to get up to 30 Mbps, though averages are around 5 Mbps.

Hope this helps someone!


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@JB700 The dev hasn't updated the pre-compiled binary yet but 1.2.1 has some issues.

Which is fixed in 1.2.2

You can manually edit the config file to match the changes he made.


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@philip WireGuard by itself does nothing of that sort, it is simply a VPN tunnel. It gives a secure way to connect to another network over the internet. Going out through the internet through that other network might give you better connectivity to the rest of the world just because that network is connected better than our home network perhaps.

It helps when the connectivity from your home to the remote network you are tunneling to is decent and not congested. So you get a consistent performance to all destinations.


@Elavarasan try this

Use following commands

wgcf_1.0.6_windows_amd64.exe register

wgcf_1.0.6_windows_amd64.exe generate

Now the file named wgcf-profile.conf will be in the directory, import that on Wireguard


I tried cf-warp-win.exe and it seems to be working fine. Its giving a Forbidden error, I think Cloudflare may be limiting/blocking your IP for account creation. I would suggest using your 4G hotspot if wgcf.exe doesn't work.
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