How to setup Netgear n300 with Mtnl adsl ?


Hey guys I am a newbie in networking, I have 1 mbps unlimited plan, Recently I brought the ntgear n300 wireless router, Can anyone tell me how to properly set it up I tried many things but it is not working. Adsl is showing the router but it is not letting the internet traffice pass, I also change the ip address to But still no avail


Confirm the ADSL modem model/number.
Access the modem settings id admin Pw admin
Step 1:
Go to Management/ Settings /Backup
SAVE/Backup current settings to say C:/My Documents/ Modem OK.
Step 2 :
Presume you have selected PPPoE mode and entered
userId/PW in wan page.
Step 3:
Advanced options : LAN menu :
enable DHCP give a range to
Step 4:
SAVE REboot wait for two minutes.
Step 5:
Confirm Internet is working.
Para two:
After confirming above
Netgear Wifi router : Model Number ???
Step 6 :
Access Netgear settings.
Step 7:
option NO. ( PW/ID required by ISP)
select DynamicIP
Step 8
LAN page Ip address
Save reboot.
Step 9:
Confirm Rj45 from modem to WAnport and Rj45 to desktop/laptop
Internet is working.
Para three;
Access Netgear settings.
Step 10:
try without any security key
Save reboot

Step 11:
Try wifi mode in laptop.

Feedback. Full quote not required.
mention step/s where you face problem. and give required info.