How to setup bridge mode in jio giga fiber router?

Even after enabling the bridge mode option in jio router im unable to access internet in my router (Asus AC68U) as a fully functioning router. The only way im using it now is by setting it up as an access point..
Am i doing anything wrong?
Please provide me step by step procedure to enable bridge mode.
Vpn facility, dual WAN and port forwarding are the main features im missing out from apart from the small features i generally use.

Yes, you are right. I can hardly find any solution to my issue. The Jio representatives are not ready to help in any case.

First of all, if i convert my router into wirless router mode then how should i configure the WAN?

Second of all, I will experience double NAT if i have both the routers functioning as router mode. That is why i need to convert the jio router/modem to modem only by birdge mode.
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@rahul811 I have never used Jio Fibre, but see if there something option named similar to "IP Passthrough". I have noticed that in some devices, I need to select enable both Bridge Mode and IP Passthrough options for it to actually work as intended.
@varkey I never thought of that. Unfortunately, i can't find any options similar to that.

The only thing i think of is that Jio will update the firmware once it lanuches the service officially. According to some users, many of the features don't work even after enabling them.


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I am also facing the same issue... the IPV6 SLAAC does not work via repeater mode inspite of having DHCPV6 configured with NAT address & DNS.. It only assigns native ipv6 to pcs / mobiles directly connected to jiofi.
Hi, @rahul811
There is no support from Jio customer care for Bridge Mode. However, to use DDNS, VPN and other features available in Asus router, you need to have other ISP connection also (Airtel/ other ISP connection with Bridge Mode). Thereafter, enable dual wan in Asus router, set Airtel connection in primary wan and Jio connection in secondary wan. Thereafter select load balance wherein set ratio 1:9. Set route rule to disable and save. This way you can enjoy all features of ASUS router alongwith Jio fiber.